Getting Back on Track

So one of the goals that I had when we started this whole compact life thing was to write about it at least once a week. I have already failed. Regardless, I will try to be better in the many weeks ahead.

One of the presents that I got for Christmas was a Briefcase USB Turntable. It is an awesome turntable because it has speakers built in and a usb port out so I can record records onto my laptop. Very cool…thanks mum and dad . I also received a cheque in the mail from my grandma for Christmas and I said to Mandy, “Let’s split this baby and buy anything used we want.” I had in mind to buy some records to go along with my record player. I really want some vintage Johnny Cash, U2, or Radiohead records.

Mandy lovingly reminded me that the point of this whole not shopping year is to, not shop. I said, “Of course and I am all on board for that, but I want to buy used records which are USED.” Mandy once again lovingly reminded me that I didn’t NEED any used records and that we are not supposed to buy things we don’t need. We buy NEEDS not WANTS.

At first I was a little annoyed by the fact I couldn’t go out and buy whatever I wanted, even if it was used. But, in the end Mandy was right and reluctantly I agreed. We so often fall into the trap of thinking we really need something when in actual fact we just want it.

It is a hard habit to overcome, but it is one that I hope will become more natural in the coming year. On Sunday some friends of ours, who are also doing their own compact gave me a copy of Simon and Garfunkle’s Bridge Over Troubled Water. We have so much and we really need so little.

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