Goodbye Beautiful Jacket

I love clothes. No, like I really love clothes. I sometimes try on my outfits the day before I wear them, and model them for Roddy. I have done this since I can remember. I love looking at fashion trends. I find cute little outfits that I just HAVE to have.

That being said, about a month ago, I bought a new jacket. Did I “need” a new jacket? Not really. But, the “fashiony” jacket I had was like FOUR years old… so pretty much ancient. And then my warm jacket is TEN years old and in perfect condition. So, I decided, I needed a new jacket. I bought one from the Gap and I got it for 40% off plus another 30% off. Really. It was the deal of… well it was a great deal. I loved this new jacket and the jacket and I were getting along quite well. Quite well until I stepped on it weird and ripped the button off the hood. It was a fatal rip. I tried to fix it and the kind of material it is just does not deal well with a needle and thread. So, I called the Gap and they said I could bring it back. So today… I brought it back to the mall (cue dramatic music).

I parked right where the store was so that I didn’t have to walk by all the beautiful store windows with the pretty clothes and I looked at the ground until I walked into the Gap. It was my hope that they would have another jacket there EXACTLY the same so that I could just exchange them and that would be that. But, they were all sold out. I just got my money back and walked out. BUT NOW I HAVE NO BEAUTIFUL NEW JACKET AND I CAN’T BUY ONE FOR THE WHOLE BLOODY YEAR. I am a little upset about this. But at the same time, a little disgusted with myself. I have TWO perfectly great coats. But I look at them with disdain because they are not this season (or last season, or this decade’s season… I digress). But I have a warm jacket to wear to keep me warm during the blistery Alberta winter. How many times do we all look at something we own that at one time we loved and think that it is not good enough anymore? Who is it telling us that it is not good anymore? I guess all the advertising around us is saying that nothing is good enough. I didn’t think that I really listened or was affected by all that, but obviously I am.

I am going to try and wear my jackets with pride this year and remember how I felt when I first got the jackets. I will try and channel that feeling, I am telling myself that my ten year old jacket is vintage.

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