King Corn &The Food We Eat

Last night I watched the documentary King Corn. It is a film which follows two Boston film makers who move to a small town in Iowa called Greene, Iowa to attempt to raise an acre of corn. They follow the corn from kernel to it’s final destination in the North American food cycle. This final destination is the stomach of a cow or the artificial sweetener (high fructose corn syrup) in…well…just about everything. It is an entertaining documentary and right up my alley of experience driven experiments (much like the Compact).

It is scary how much of the food we consume comes from corn. On average we consume 75 pounds of high fructose corn syrup every year. The vast majority of the corn grown in North America can not be eaten until it is processed and turned into other things. It really made me rethink having a bowl of ice cream because essentially I am eating a bowl of milk and corn, which actually now that I think about it sounds delicious.

We have tried to put a limit on the amount of processed foods we eat as a family but it is often hard to get away from. We mainly eat fresh home cooked stuff because of Malora’s arthritis but as a youth worker there are often many late nights full of tim bits, doritos, and coke.

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