Last time we did the Compact we had a set of “rules” well, they were more goals really. We thought we would flesh them out a little more. The goals are mostly the same… anyway here are the tweaked rules and goals for the Compact 2015

Yes, we can buy:

Food- groceries, dine out a maximum of 2x a month

Safety items- light bulbs, batteries, tyres (if one explodes)

Used items/thrift store- as needed. Last time we perused the thrift store a little too much. We will only be in the thrift stores when we need an item and only look for the item we need.

Personal care- Deodorant, tooth paste, cosmetics (again as needed, I am not going to go wild).

Entertainment- rent movies, get items at the library, or if we ever get to go out on a date, we will go to the theater for a movie or a concert. Let’s be honest, if it happens that Tom and I get to go out together, just the two of us, it is a MAJOR treat that doesn’t happen near enough. We are going to take full advantage if that situation arises.

Nasties- Underwear and socks. Used = yuck.

Gifts- We can buy experiences (concert, play, theatre tickets), used items or hand made.

Education- classes (Roddy), coffee (for studying at coffee shops), school supplies.

Making crafts, art, or gifts- try to find items used, or buy new supplies only as needed.

Here are our goals:
– Bring less “stuff” or clutter into the world and our home
– Break our addiction to consumerism
– To be more creative in the way we live our life
– Spend more time as a family doing fun free things
– As a period of fasting – to remove any hindrances in our walk with Christ
– Save money
– Gain a new perspective of money
– Become more generous and instill that in Nathan and Jude
– Save ten percent of what we save in the year and give it to a charity
– Blog once a week
– Become more of producers than consumers

I was listening to the radio a while back and the guy who created Veggie Tales was being interviewed. It was a really interesting interview and one thing that he said really stuck out for me. The idea of being a producer rather than a consumer. He said if one of his kids comes up to him and says he wants to watch tv, sometimes he says, “let’s make a movie, here’s the video camera”. I love that idea. I hate being an idle consumer. I am totally guilty of it though. I often catch myself thinking, “what can I get from this?”

I felt that we became producers the last time we did the compact. We made a lot of gifts and repaired clothes and didn’t just mindlessly buy things to replace broken items in our lives. Or buy things to replace broken parts in our lives. I think that many people in our culture (including myself) tend to buy things to make ourselves feel happy- even if it is just for a minute. I want to find other ways to find happiness in life. There are so many glorious things all around us just waiting for us to notice them. Like my children waiting for me to watch Toy Story 3 with them and eat popcorn apples and cheese. Until next time…

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